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Home Watch…
A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.


When we, Joan and Lee Lomas, moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida we quickly became very familiar with the process of protecting our home. Several of our neighbors would go away for lengthy periods of time and handed their keys over without question as we became trusted friends of the neighborhood. However, after we researched the pros and cons of being that “neighbor friend,” we found that we really weren’t doing our neighbors or ourselves any favors. It became apparent that it carried a great deal more responsibility than we first considered because a home closed for a lengthy period of time is subject to a multitude of negative risk factors.

We found that our community was underserved. Other home watch companies were no longer in business or didn’t show a presence in our area. Many condominium and apartment owners were not being serviced at all. Some condo owners believe they are protected by their HOA and at a time of loss are sadly advised that they are not covered. HOA’s are primarily responsible for the exterior and grounds of the neighborhood.

Gotta Gal Home Watch, LLC was created from conversations we had about shaping a business into one that would serve our community and provide a sense of security for our clients.

As we researched home watch, we realized the need to join the National Home Watch Association to leverage their guidance, expertise, education and affiliation with other professional home watch business owners to provide the best service to our clients.

Gotta Gal Home Watch performs scheduled visual inspections of homeowner properties while the owner is away. Whether it is your primary residence, secondary home or condo, we provide peace of mind and create a plan tailored specific to your home.

  • We visually check the interior and exterior on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on our client’s needs.
  • We visually check for any water, mold or pest damage.
  • We check all windows and doors to maintain safety within the home.
  • We check and maintain humidity levels.
  • We check all household operating systems.
  • We create and send our client a customized report during each visit with detailed information on any potential issues that may arise and the overall condition of their home.

Bonded, Insured & Accredited

Your Home Is Our Priority!

Gotta Gal Home Watch values your home as much as you do.  Find out more about our services by calling 772-321-0571 or click the button below to send us a message