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2.  Do let the post office know that you will be out of town.

Letting your mailbox overflow with mail is a sure sign that you are away. It also opens up the opportunity for mail thieves to grab your mail. Unfortunately when that happens you usually find out about it several weeks or months later when your checking account has been drained or your original bills were never paid. According to Veronews.com in May of 2018, a resident had a check stolen out of a mailbox located outside the post office. The amount was changed from $14 to $1,700 and the payee, signature and date were also altered. We aren’t dealing with pranksters that grab your mail and litter the neighborhood. They are professionals who know what they are doing and are known for their skills at altering checks. Check washing is a process where the check is washed in certain chemicals that erases the writing and allows the thief to rewrite in whatever amount they choose. Costing the unsuspecting check owner thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches trying to clear everything up. TC Palm news wrote that, “About $25,000 has been stolen in six incidents investigated by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office since April of 2018. In each case, mail was taken from blue U.S. Postal Service mail drops or an apartment complex’s outgoing mailbox.” Now of course, these are examples of worst case scenarios, however do you want to take a chance? Here are a few ways to lessen the chance that it could happen to you.

  • Notify the post office you are out of town and designate Gotta Gal Home Watch as an authorized entity to pick up your mail and deliver it safely to your home
  • Have your mail forwarded, but keep in mind it can happen wherever your mail goes
  • Sign up for the Informed Delivery program through your local post office. You get notified when an important piece of mail or package is set to be delivered. Let Gotta Gal Home Watch be there for the pickup and you can continue your day with peace of mind that everything is taken care of properly.

The above are examples of what could happen to you and your financial security. Should you become a victim or have any information about these crimes, contact your law enforcement: Indian River County Sheriff’s Office: 772-569-6700 Vero Beach Police Department: 772-978-4604 Sebastian Police Department: 772-589-5233 Fellsmere Police Department: 772-571-1360 Indian River Shores Public Safety: 772-231-2451