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4. Do check out your pantry for anything that would attract bugs and mice.

We live in Florida, a place where airtight containers are your friends and unwelcome pests are not.

When we moved to Florida, we couldn’t believe the number of different bugs there were and learned very quickly to buy less and store everything in plastic or glass containers.

Have you ever heard of pantry pests? According to Reynolds Pest Control, there are bugs in almost every dry food available. It isn’t your lack of keeping a clean home. The bugs or larvae are usually brought into the home in newly bought foods such as grains, pasta, dog food, and cereals.

So how do you clear out those pesky little bugs?

•  Some people take their pasta and grains home and immediately store them in their freezer for a few days.

•  Others transfer the food into plastic or glass containers.

•  Or you could change out the packaging, however, if you move the food into a plastic baggie you may just find it to be a different container full of bugs.

On wikiHow, there are 2 methods discussed on how to recognize, eliminate and prevent infestations.

1. Clearing the infestation in 6 steps.

2. Preventing future infestations in 5 steps.

As far as mice goes, if you take some of the above steps and store everything in containers, there won’t be a reason for the mice to live in your home. I haven’t seen any in my home and it could be because we have black racer snakes in the area.

On a side note, another pest we deal with here in Florida are the ghost ants. Those little irritating things that seem to take over your home a couple times of the year and you find them everywhere. When we moved into our home 3 years ago and saw for the first time the ants on our kitchen and bathroom counters, we thought the former owners were poor housekeepers. Then we read information and asked questions on how to get rid of them and found that everyone here in our area gets them.

On one of our local Facebook pages, the most popular posts on bugs are about how to get rid of the ghost ants.

Some have tried bug spray, ant spray, fly strips, Windex, peppermint essential oils, sugar, and borax. The most advice given and what works for us is the Terro brand liquid ant killer. It has borax in it, however, the toxicity is so low that it is said to not be harmful to pets. I put them in window sills, back of counters, anywhere other than an easy spot for my pup to reach. It does the trick for us and another example of getting rid of the infestation by eliminating the source.

If the above issues sound like a little more than you want to deal with, we at Gotta Gal Home Watch can help.

As part of our Concierge Services, we can clean out your pantry and store everything in containers picked out by you. We set the ant baits and you don’t have to worry about coming back home to a mess.