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Every year as we approach spring, we (as a state) also discuss the idea of ending daylight savings time. We smile at the idea of moving the clock backward in the fall and huff at the notion of losing that very same hour in the spring.

Some like the extra hour of daylight it gives us while others don’t care at all. I have to confess that I haven’t even changed back my clock in the bathroom. I look at it and think, one day I am going to get the step stool out and change it, but here we are and it’s the one clock I won’t have to change tomorrow.

I work 10-hour shifts and having to go to bed while it is still daylight seems like reverting back to childhood when your mom tells you it is bedtime. I do however love the longer daylight hours during the weekends. In the winter I go to work and come home in the dark.

We all have our reasons and here are a few of the pros and cons I found in an article by ProCon.org.

Pros Cons

1. Longer daylight hours promote safety.            Bad for your health.

2. Good for the economy.                                       Productivity slows down.

3. Promotes active lifestyles.                                  Is expensive.

So while we could argue till the sun goes down about the benefits and losses, it still boils down to personal preferences and how it affects you.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

As you know we here in Florida live in the sunshine state.

If the government decides to leave time as is and you find it a pain to change all of those clocks when you return home, let Gotta Gal do it for you.