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5. Do unplug any unnecessary electronics.

You aren’t home to wonder what time it is. No one is going to use the microwave unless it’s a burglar or a squatter.

So go ahead and unplug the electronics that are unnecessary while you are away. You may save a little bit of money on your electric bill, however, a bigger reason could be to decrease the fire risk.

You may not save too much by turning off small appliances, however, if there is a power surge, you may end up paying more for new appliances.

According to State Farm Insurance, during a storm a power surge typically exceeds the limit of volts the smaller appliances can take, thereby shorting it out. When the volts exceed their limits the appliance can overheat thereby causing damage to the circuitry or even cause a fire.

Power surges can originate by storms, lightning, or even overloaded outlets.

Here’s what a guy named Logan did when his stuff was fried. He lost 2 thermostats, a microwave and a tank less water heater.

  • He bought a whole house surge protector
  • Lost the battle with manufacturer warranties because it wasn’t a defect
  • Filed a claim against the power company because someone advised him that it was caused by a dangling wire
  • Filed a claim with their homeowner’s insurance
  • They were able to fix the thermostats and tankless water heater but bought a new microwave

Regardless of how the electrical components were damaged, there are compelling reasons to argue that it may be best to unplug those unnecessary electronics just to be on the safe side.

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