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There are 44 native species of snakes, however, only 6 are venomous. Do you know which 6 they are? With all the construction and tearing down of the natural landscapes, we are finding them in our pool areas and landscapes.

According to FWC also known as Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission the six are;

    1. Eastern Coral Snake – one of the most colorful with red, black and yellow bands with a black nose and on average is about 2ft long

    2. Cottonmouth – dark colored, broad head and if you were close enough to see it has a dark stripe that runs through the eye and are 2-4ft long

    3. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake – brown, tan or yellow with brown diamonds down the back outlined in cream, and are 3-6ft long

    4. Dusky pygmy Rattlesnake – gray colored with dusky spots that alternate between red and black and grow to about 18 inches

    5. Canebrake Rattlesnake – grayish to pinkish buff color with dark bands across its body and orange or rust-red stripes down the middle of back and grow up to 5ft long

    6. Copperhead – pinkish tan with reddish-brown cross bands on body and is only about 30 inches long

FWC goes on to say that even the venomous species are not particularly dangerous unless stepped on or otherwise provoked. But you won’t see me hanging out in the brush looking to encounter snakes of any type.

Not that many are fascinated by seeing a snake cross their path, it is a good thing to know what category the snake fits under and FWC provides a Guide to Florida’s Venomous Snakes that gives their descriptions, habitats and the role they play in helping the ecology.

Should you choose to want to remove a snake from your dwelling, University of Florida shows details on one the most recommended safe methods using glue boards.

Should you want to leave it up to the professionals, contact a company such as Fangs Snake Removal they remove and relocate, rather than trapping and killing the snake.

Or contact Gotta Gal Home Watch, while we don’t catch the nuisance animals ourselves, we can facilitate the removal after you’ve had a chance to review our list of preferred professionals and choose what company works best for your situation.