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6 Do set your AC here in Florida to a temperature that keeps the humidity below 55%.

You will need to have a starting point for the AC to test and determine what is the best setting to keep the humidity below 55% so you don’t have mold growth.

Did you ever consider that you may be inviting humidity into your home?

If you have a fan on your AC/Heating system, set it to the auto setting rather than on all the time. The air is then circulated when the AC is on thus keeping the humidity level lower.

One might think that by setting the fan to the on position, it would rid the home of humidity, but according to many sources, it is just the opposite.

Cooltoday.com states that your AC has two jobs.

  1. It has to cool the air.
  2. Remove the humidity from the indoor temperature.

Have you given thought to where all that moisture goes?

Cooltoday.com recaps by saying:

  • The AUTO setting lets your AC properly dehumidify your home by stripping the air of moisture and pushing that moisture outdoors.
  • The ON setting prevents your AC from properly dehumidifying your home because the moisture that is stripped from your air is eventually pushed right back into your house.

One of the hardest things to figure out is what temperature to set your AC on in an attempt to keep the humidity at less than 55% and ward off the mold. Here in Florida, it is ongoing testing of your system.

There are different variables within your home such as;

  • The square footage
  • Humidity levels
  • Ceiling fan use
  • The efficiency of your AC
  • The outside temperature
  • Is your AC is the right size for your particular home

As an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association, we discuss items such as these in order to best serve our clientele. We are in no way experts and we confer with those in their respective professional fields for recommendations.

And remember to check with your local experts to determine what works best for your area. It is pretty easy to look up information on the internet. Not all of it is true or what is necessary for your part of the nation. For example, even reputable sources such as Consumer Reports recommends if you want to save money use the following settings;

  • 78° F when you’re home
  • 85° F when you’re at work or away
  • 82° F when you’re sleeping.

However, here in Florida, we would most likely have mold growth within 72 hours of changing those settings. Again, checking with the experts in your area and taking in all the variables will help you make an informed decision.

Every home is different and a good starting point is to set the AC system between 76 and 78 degrees, then check the humidity level. If it falls below the 55% range, then it may be a correct setting. If it isn’t then turned down the AC a degree or two and check again. Since the variables are numerous in every part of the nation, testing to see what is right for your home in your area is the best way to determine the right setting.

If you find all of this information too confusing or just don’t want to deal with it, please give Gotta Gal Home Watch a call.