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8 Do stop your newspaper delivery.

A sure tale-tell sign that no one is home is to leave newspapers in your driveway or at your front door. Sure a friend or neighbor could come by every day, but what if they don’t?

A great option if you can’t miss out on your daily news fix from home is to read your paper online. I love to read the actual physical paper vs on the computer, however, for convenience sake, it is easier to read it online.

You could sign up for the newspaper in the area you will be at during your time away.

If you simply cannot stop wondering what is happening here while you are away, you could check with your local newspaper and see if it can be forwarded to your temporary address.

If there is a favorite section that you read and want to keep up on, you could have a neighbor or friend cut out that particular section and have it mailed to you. Or even better, that person could either take a photo of the section you need to see or have them scan it and email it to you.

Many burglars take great measures to ensure they will not encounter any person upon entering the home. According to a Burglar survey from the offenders perspective created by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

• Monitor the homeowners routine.

• Determine the type of vehicle they drive (although it is noted that having a vehicle in the driveway is another deterrent).

• Ring the doorbell several times, if no one answers they assume the home is vacant.

• Gather information about the homeowner, such as the phone number and call it.

• Check out the neighbors close by to determine if they are gone as well.

Other cues such as accumulating mail or newspapers, closed windows, or the lack of air conditioning on hot days signals vulnerability.

Burglars are becoming savvy and doing their research. Don’t be their next target. Follow these common sense tips and you may just stop a burglar in its tracks.

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