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9 Do set timers on lights.

It sounds like such an easy thing to do and it is. Set the timers on lights in rooms you normally live in when you are home. If burglars have been watching your home and then you leave, they will know if a never used room suddenly has lights on at odd times.

However, you could give the illusion that you are home by changing your routine up a bit.

• You could start going into some of the rooms you don’t normally go into at night.

• Turn on a light for different time frames or better yet set up some timers to go on and off randomly before you leave on your extended stay away.

• It will then become part of the norm and won’t look as suspicious to a possible burglar.

In my home, I am always going into different rooms, sometimes for a few minutes and at other times I accidentally leave the light on for hours. So setting timers randomly in different rooms is normal for my home and might even save me money by turning the lights off.

What a burglar depends on is a dark empty house and if it is shuttered up, they might be even more intrigued by what they may find and they won’t have to hurry.

Some tale-tell signs you may be gone include the following and tips you can use to pretend you are home.

    • Home is dark from dusk till dawn. Be sure to set some of the timers to turn on about an hour before sunset so the house isn’t dark before nighttime falls and there hasn’t been any light activity.

    • If cars were in driveway prior to leaving and the driveway is now empty. Leave one of your vehicles in the driveway.

    • Outside lights are on all the time. Did you know you can even set your porch light to a timer? According to Smart Home Focus, the options range from simply changing a light bulb to replacing your existing porch light switch.

    • Garbage and recycle bins are not put out. Most second homeowners postpone their garbage delivery, however, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have the neighbor put it out every once in a while.

    • Lack of human movement. Gotta Gal Home Watch creates that human movement each time we make home watch visit. We always create a schedule of different times and days of the week to give that presence to help deter any possible wrongdoing at your home.

    • Shutters are up and there is no storm forecasted. Hurricane season ties in with the second homeowners retreating north for the summer. Many put their hurricane shutters up and leave thinking their home is safe, however, it also is a sure sign that no one is home. Of course, to put up shutters or not is a decision only you are comfortable making.

    • I believe our surest sign that someone may be home is if the television is on. According to some sources such as Samsung, you may even be able to set your television to turn on at certain times of the day. Follow the link to see the example of a smart TV setup. You may not have the right type of option, but it’s an idea to think about, especially the next time you want to purchase a new television. Many have the sleep option to turn off at a certain time, however, some may also have an auto on and off selection.

There is also a product called FakeTV, and by using LED lights that simulate the same flickering that a normal TV would, it lets the burglar think that someone might be home.

By using layers of protection such as cameras, motion sensors, lights on timers, locked windows and doors all help to deter a possible break-in and delivers peace of mind that you took all the right measures.

Think about how you use your home and write down the routine, you can then create your own timer schedule or if you don’t wish to deal with it, contact Gotta Gal Home Watch