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Lee’s motto is, “always do the right thing.” She has worked with law enforcement agencies for 35 years. Need we say more? She is as solid and trustworthy as they come. She currently holds a position preparing cases in Florida for the Palm Bay Police Department and States Attorney office. Lee’s eye for detail is amazing, she is acutely aware of what is out of the ordinary and how to rectify the situation. As a former business owner, she is experienced in knowing who to assign to get the job done correctly. Lee’s volunteering experience includes offering services to those in need after arriving on scene as an American Red Cross Disaster Services Responder. She has worked with others through her local Domestic Violence shelter as a Confidential Advocate for the Victim seeking help through the District Attorney’s Office. In addition she volunteered on a special court support team that included a Judge, which presided over Domestic Violence cases and was designed to offer services such as anger management, job skills, and family counseling to first time offenders in an effort to reduce recidivism. Lee’s ability to maintain professionalism, empathy, and clarity in the midst of chaos is remarkable.

Joan is retired from her 35 year career in insurance. When speaking to her about her experience, her eyes light up and she tells a story of having the most exciting and stimulating career that insurance could offer. She went from owning and managing her family’s small insurance agency to holding a position of regional marketing manager for one of the leading insurance agencies in the U.S. Her background in risk management and knowledge of what insurance carriers are looking for at a time of loss is invaluable. She will apply her expertise and knowledge to better serve their clientele.

For fun, Joan and Lee are both published authors. Joan loves to paint. Lee loves to take photographs and runs a local photography page on Facebook. They often go to the ocean and enjoy the inter-coastal waterways as well. They take pleasure in being the “tourist,” in their own community and surrounding areas.

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