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Gotta Gal’s Joan and Lee welcomes you to their blog.

Here they will post tips that may be helpful to you the homeowner.

Here they will share stories about circumstances that have crossed their paths as they become more familiar with; the world of what can go wrong may go wrong.

Here they will share news reports on stories such as squatters’ taking over a homeowner’s house while they were on vacation, vandalism on rental properties, and insurance information for homes that are vacant, abandoned and such.

Here they hope you find useful information that is available to share with other homeowners, friends and family.

Remember please that a Vacant Home is a Vulnerable Home!

Your Home is Our Priority!

When things go wrong, who do you trust?

One key holder service we provide to our clients is to allow contractors’ access to the client's home as work is being completed while the homeowner is away. This is work that is agreed upon and negotiated between the client and the contractor. The best way to explain...

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How aware are you of your surroundings?

Probably not as much as you think, although how often does a person ask you, "Hey, did you see that?" and your response was, "See what?" We can only focus on so much at a time and we tend to look at what appeals to us. At Gotta Gal Home Watch, our primary duty is...

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