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2nd of 2 part series

In part 1 of this series, we gave examples of what people thought the phrase Home Watch meant and the real meaning of what it is. In this part, we explain how we can help you.

  • We will notice if there is water leaking from the hot water heater or that you have no hot water and notify you of the situation.
  • We will take a look at your air filter to determine if it needs to be changed.
  • We will look under and inside of all of your cabinets looking for obvious water leaks.
  • We will note whether your pool water level is acceptable or if your lawn service is actually cutting your lawn as agreed upon by you.
  • We can take a look at your breaker panel, should a power outage occur and notify you of any issues.
  • We monitor the humidity level and temperature in your home and report to you our findings.
  • We can put a pre and post storm services package together to include taking inventory of your shutters, hardware, label them and performing a dry run to ensure all flows smoothly before a storm.
  • We will report on whether your pool guy is cleaning your pool on schedule.
  • We can let you know if the lawn guy has run over one of your sprinkler heads and the irrigation system isn’t working as it should or more importantly, it isn’t flooding your yard or home.
  • We won’t party in your home, drive your cars, eat your food or play in your pool, however, we will know that someone else has and will report it to you and the police if necessary.

Here are a couple real life examples of issues that have happened in homes.

Fellow home watch business owner Rob Burton at Signature Home Watch states he, “Just started with a new client (took over from a property management company) who owns a 1 BR condo and only visits 1 or 2 times per year here in FL. The AC filters were last changed around Super Bowl 48 (6.5 years ago), but the owner said last serviced 11 months ago. And the thermostat batteries were corroded. Don’t most AC providers check filters and batteries during a service?”

These are simple fixes that not only the property management company didn’t perform, nor did the AC provider.

We at Gotta Gal Home Watch would catch this blatant negligence and breach of contract, just as Rob had.

“A homeowner put his home on the vacation watch at our local police department. When we did our exterior walk around, we found his rear sliding door was unlocked and fence gate was open. We called the police and the homeowner. Luckily, no one was inside nor was anything stolen or vandalized.” ~ Lee Lomas

A million dollar home in Melbourne was frequently rented out to strangers by the friends of a homeowner who lived overseas and found that hundreds of thousands of dollars damage was caused by teenage partygoers.

One of the most popular stories I have heard was of the actor Frankie Muniz and how his cat turned on the water faucet and flooded his home while he was out of the country. He came home to 3ft of water in his home.

You the homeowner put trust into your service providers.

We will perform an extensive 39 point visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home and send you an extensive report after each home watch visit.

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