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1st of 2 part series.

Everybody has their own idea of what Home Watch means or generally have no clue as to what it is we really do for our clients.

Here are some of the responses myself and other home watch business owners around the world have heard.

  • We were told this one just yesterday. “Oh, that is such an easy thing to do, you get to have fun in someone else’s home, eat their food, play in their pool and drive their cars.” ~ Male at hair salon.
  • “So you are a house sitter!” ~ John Caudillo of ICP Home Watch & Concierge Services, LLC
  • “So, like, a security guard?” Melissa McGarvey of Allied Home Watch
  • “Some people from up north or other parts of the world who never owned a second home they say “what is that supposed to mean?” ~ Vicky Cardone of Go Naples Home Watch and Concierge Services
  • “Why do I need you, that’s what my neighbours are for!” and “What’s that?” ~ Matt of Snowbirder Property Services
  • “That’s a business?” ~ Steven Rachlin of Royal Palm Home Watch
  • “When I tell people I own a company that offers training in the profession of Home Watch, they look at me quizzically and say: “You need to go to school for that?” ~ Diane Pisani of International Home Watch Alliance
  • “That’s like house-sitting right? Our kids do that for us.” ~ Derek Douglas Lockrem of Dakota Home Watch LLC
  • Neighborly advice from our snowbirder neighbor. “Well that’s what the police department provides for free, you know that right?” ~ Bill

So what is Home Watch and how can we help you (homeowner)?

We are accredited through the National Home Watch Association and their official meaning of home watch is, “A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.”

However, does the above meaning tell you anything more about what we really do? Do you have a clear understanding of how that helps you?

Probably not, so let’s break it down a little further.

A visual inspection – meaning we only report on what we can SEE while standing on the ground, looking at our surroundings, up towards the ceiling or roofline, down at the ground and flooring, inside cabinets, doors and outbuildings.

Home or property – generally we do scheduled weekly or biweekly visits to your home or property while you are away on vacation, extended business trip, your home is up for sale or you own a secondary home.

Looking for obvious issues – we are not home inspectors, electricians, plumbers or HVAC professionals.

We are not experts in those professions.

We educate, follow best practices and learn from those who are the professionals in their own fields.

We see an issue, report it to the homeowner and follow protocol on how they wish to proceed. Having said that; We won’t take apart your hot water heater looking for something wrong. However;

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