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Probably not as much as you think, although how often does a person ask you, “Hey, did you see that?” and your response was, “See what?”

We can only focus on so much at a time and we tend to look at what appeals to us.

At Gotta Gal Home Watch, our primary duty is to visually inspect a property looking for obvious issues.

I’ve always had the knack for noticing something out of place. When I watch television, I catch a lot of mistakes that are made during a scene like showing someone sitting in a car with the window rolled down. Then they get out of the car and the window has mysteriously closed, although they made no move on camera to roll it up.

After being in law enforcement for over 35 years, it comes naturally to me to see things that others may not and I have always been a bit curious about what goes on around me. 

So why am I talking about this subject? Because

 “You can’t report what you don’t see.” ~ Lee Lomas

As I ride my bicycle around our neighborhood, I notice things. Like the broken tree branch hanging on the power line behind this shuttered house. The homeowner wasn’t home and had no idea what a fire hazard that could cause. I saw, I reported and the problem was rectified before it became a disaster.

A broken branch on a power line.

Or this property that has been neglected with tree branches all over the roof and the gate that has been left open, in addition to a section of the fence that hasn’t been repaired since it was blown down during Hurricane Matthew. Leaving a home damaged and unattended can cause a lot of stress for the neighborhood as well as the homeowner who may live out of state and has no idea the level of damage that has occurred.

Damaged fence and open gate.

My point is, Gotta Gal Home Watch keeps an eye out, whether you are a client or not.

“We notice, we report and we educate.” ~ Lee Lomas

Let us be your home advocate while you are away!

We do, so you don’t have to!

Visit www.GottaGalHomeWatch.com and ask us how we can help you.