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Key Holder

Whether you are on short stay away, are long-term vacationers, second homeowners or working adults, we know how hard it is to meet others for appointments during regular work hours or when you are away. We are available to work with Realtors to be the advocate for you during the sale or purchase of your home. We can work with the bank should a home sit empty prior to sale. A vacant home is a vulnerable home.

Let Gotta Gal Home Watch be your point of contact when you can’t be there.

Gotta Gal offers an affordable, safe and secure service that keeps your key available to meet your local police or fire department in case an emergency situation should arise.

We will hold two complete set of keys to your property that also includes your mail box, irrigation and pool equipment, and outbuildings or storage units that are locked.

Your information and keys will be properly coded and stored in a secure location.

In addition to the monthly cost of Key Holder services, GGHW’s standard hourly rates apply for the following services.

If you have an alarm activation and police arrive, they generally do not go inside unless there is some indication that illegal entry has been made or attempted. We will respond and allow access to assure your home is safe and secure.

After severe storms and power outages we can check on your property to assure all is okay.

Gotta Gal meets with your cleaning service, delivery personnel or anyone who requires access but not issued a key.

We meet with contractors who require entry into your home in your absence.

Meet vendor for large deliveries on behalf of the homeowner.

We oversee, facilitate and coordinate shutter application.

Respond to an alert from services such as House Setter. Ask for details.

Vacant properties up for sale and houses in foreclosure.

Prepare home for your arrival as requested by you.

Per your request we can meet with your family or friends to hand over keys for their stay.

See Vacation Rental Assistance for services pertaining to your rental home.