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Pre & Post Storm/Hurricane Assessment

Here in Florida, we get hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, flooding, lightning strikes and even an occasional earthquake. You face a lot of anxiety when you are out of town and unable to determine if your property has sustained damage.

Hurricane wind damage

Don’t depend on the advice of a neighbor or friend who may have left the area due to the danger of the storm. Let the professionals at Gotta Gal Home Watch be your home advocate before and after the natural disasters occur.

Storm Assessment services include:

  • Create a pre storm plan of action
  • Dry run explanation of pre and post storm exterior and interior checks
  • Check the integrity of the shutters and hardware
  • Check for loose, over hanging branches and bushes blocking access to windows and doors
  • Check that downspouts and gutters are cleaned out
  • Look for any objects that can become projectiles
  • Open line of communication via emails with written assessments and follow up phone call if necessary
  • Label shutters according to the home layout
  • Do a dry run shutter application

Storm preparation a few days prior to event

  • Move reasonably sized items to the inside of your home or garage
  • Attempt to secure or tie down any heavy or oversized outdoor furniture
  • If you have a pool, we will visually check pool level drainage
  • Per your instruction, we can turn off your pool equipment for the duration of the storm
  • If you have accordion or electric hurricane shutters, we will close them
  • For manual application of shutters, we can facilitate the application or leave it to you to complete
  • Pre storm photographs of all sides of the home to include any large trees for insurance purposes

Post storm

  • When the all clear has been given and the roads are safe to travel, we will check on your home
  • Post storm photographs of all sides of the home to include any visual damage
  • If damage is too severe for text or email, we will take video and call to report the extent of what we see
  • If it is safe enough, we will open your accordion or electric hurricane shutters
  • We will facilitate and coordinate with your insurance company to meet with contractors for any repair work needed per your instructions

Let us be your home advocate and know that communication is key for peace of mind during trying times.