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Home Watch

A vacant home is a vulnerable home. We offer the services below and tailor our program to meet your needs. We show a presence through scheduled visits that may help deter possible burglars, squatters and vandalizers. Providing peace of mind while you are away is top of mind to us. Your home is our priority!

Basic – Exterior

  • Walk the property to check for any damage to mailbox and/or fencing
  • Visually check every outbuilding to include garage, shed and exterior of home before entry inside
  • Check for any attempts to gain entry to any locked areas

Basic – Interior

  • Upon entry walk through every room in the home, then a second more thorough check notating any damage or items to report
  • Visually check walls, ceiling and floors looking for obvious issues
  • In every room to include garage, check every window and door for any signs of water or damage
  • Check all systems to be sure they turn on
  • Inspect the electrical panel for disengaged circuits
  • Visually check areas for mold or water stains
  • Smell for any strange odors or mildew


  • Open refrigerator and or freezer to confirm it is in working order
  • Under sink check for water leaks that are easily visible
  • Check pantry space for any sign of pests
  • Check cabinets for any sign of pests


  • Check for any sign of pests
  • Run water in sink faucet and shower/tub faucet
  • Check under sink for any visual signs of leakage
  • Flush the toilet to be sure it is working


  • Check closets for any signs of pests
  • Visually check fireplace for any signs of pests


  • Check that garage door is secured in down position
  • Check for any signs of pests
  • Smell for any unusual odors

This list is not all inclusive of the services we offer. It is meant to give you an idea of how our professional team performs our duties.

Broken Sprinklers

Ceiling Damage

Pool Pump System

Blocked Gutters

Irrigation Systems

Ant Infestations

Pool Enclosures

Humidity Check

Wasp Nests

Bonded, Insured & Accredited

Your Home Is Our Priority!

Gotta Gal Home Watch values your home as much as you do.  Find out more about our services by calling 772-321-0571 or click the button below to send us a message