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Vacation Home Assistance

Whether you live close to your Vacation Home or out of state, Gotta Gal Home Watch offers assistance with a variety of services associated with your vacation home. We help make the process run smoother for you. We are not property managers, nor does any money exchange between us and your client.

GGHW will hold two complete sets of keys to the client’s vacation property. We offer support to you the vacation  homeowner. Client’s information and keys will be properly coded and stored in a secure location.

In addition to the monthly cost of Key Holder services, GGHW’s standard hourly rates apply for the following;

GGHW will respond and allow emergency personnel access to assure your home is safe and secure if you have a police or fire alarm activation.

Gotta Gal will be the local point of contact for law enforcement, fire department or other emergency agency.

We will ensure that the your vacation home is guest ready for occupancy as agreed upon pursuant to this signed agreement.

We will meet the client’s guests at check-in to hand off the keys and retrieve the keys at check-out.

Gotta Gal will attempt to answer any questions the client’s guest may have about the area.

GGHW will purchase and restock basic supplies as needed.

GGHW will provide concierge services as requested by the client.

GGHW will meet with contractors for repairs to the premises.