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One key holder service we provide to our clients is to allow contractors’ access to the client’s home as work is being completed while the homeowner is away. This is work that is agreed upon and negotiated between the client and the contractor.

The best way to explain our services is by example. Here in Florida, it is a dream of many to have a pool. One of our clients was away off and on during the building phases of their pool installation. Gotta Gal Home Watch forwarded photos and progress reports to the client in addition to their regularly scheduled home watch visit reports. When the need arose, Gotta Gal also met with contractors needing access to the home.

One such electrical contractor who was actually a subcontractor of the pool installation company botched up a job inside the home and now a drywall subcontractor of the electrical subcontractor needed access to the inside of the client’s home.

One of the electrical subcontractor employees was laying conduit in the attic when he misstepped and his leg came through the ceiling along with a lot of fiberglass insulation.

Because of the issue created by the electrical subcontractor, they are responsible for the repair and for our services. While the homeowner and said electrical subcontractor talked about the plan to repair the damage, the electrical contractor told the homeowner, “oh, they (Gotta Gal) do not have to be at the home if the homeowner could just give the garage code and key to the drywall subcontractor. In addition, the electrical subcontractor was out of state for the holidays during the drywall repair.

Now, what could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

With Gotta Gal Home Watch not on the scene, we can’t see what the 3 levels of contractors are doing. Too many hands in the pot and would have been hard for the homeowner to keep track of while away.

Who was responsible for what part and were they upholding their end of the agreement? Could have been he said / she said kind of issue.

Are they helping themselves to items in the home? When there are too many people involved, it would be hard to keep an eye on everyone at every moment and let’s face it, unfortunately, not all are as trustworthy as we wish them to be.

Are they actually getting the work completed in a timely manner? Several times we have had to give a little nudge to get the workers back on track, especially if the job is billed by the hour. (However, this particular part of the job is to fix the damage so not billed to the client at all).

Are they riffling through the client’s personal belongings? Better to be safe than sorry.

Are they doing shoddy work that the homeowner won’t know about until they return home? With no one to answer to while the client is away, who would the client blame or have recourse with? It isn’t fun playing the blame game.

Are they licensed and insured? Ask the homeowner if they received a copy of the insurance and license from each contractor and subcontractor.

Are they taking care not to create a bigger mess in the home? In this case, fiberglass insulation was all over the client’s furniture and living room. Is the cleanup the proper one to take?

Sorry, we took photo quickly after the worker was checked for injuries.

Are they actually at the home at the time they claim to be? With phones, internet and overbooking their time, it may get frustrating when they say they are there or will be there and find that they never were there at the time discussed.

Are they acting like the professionals you expect of them? How would you know?

We can only wonder if we hadn’t been there from the start, what kind of disaster the homeowner would have faced upon their return.

We saw the incident happen because we were in the room as it transpired.

We made sure all parties were okay before proceeding.

We contacted the homeowner and reported the details of exactly what occurred, what we saw and what we heard.

We confirmed with the contractors and the homeowner the plan of action to be taken.

We coordinated the cleanup and allowed repair contractors’ future access to the home.

We provided peace of mind to the client all the while during the holidays and the client remarked, “That we handled the issue much better than they ever would have.”

Trusting a stranger to the inside of your home is scary.

Gotta Gal Home Watch is your home advocate. We have been vetted, background checks are run on us and we are insured, bonded and accredited.

Your home is our priority!